Ulf Kilman

Ulf Kilman - Began his working life as a mechanic and roof puncher but by chance he was responsible for a gym where he became interested in body therapies. He began to study different techniques and educated first in Sweden and then in other countries, mainly in England, where he learned a technique that could get most of the sick healthy, but this was not enough to Ulf as he worked with athletes who already was healthy and wanted to get better.
He therefore developed a proprietary system which blends many of the techniques he had learned over the years as osteopathy, kraniosacral treatment, nutrition, acupuncture, homeopathy, medicine and kinesiology - the science of muscles and their movement to learn. And since 2008 he trains other therapists in their treatment.
On Ulf's practice he opened in the mid-1990s, he has helped many chronically ill and doomed to become healthy. In addition, he has helped many athletes to become free from damage and recurring problems. Swimmer Michael Phelps will breeze thanked him for his Olympic gold in Sydney and athlete, hockey and football players, etc. that have been injured victims have been able to turn their injury trends and become better than ever thanks to his treatments and advice about diet and nutrition. Ulf's insights, knowledge and techniques about how the nervous system works and help everyone get better.