We have different tests for our clients.
If you want to check if there are some food you should avoid, we hava food intolerance test.
For those who want to get a picture of how the body looks like on the inside, we perform EIS measurements that provide information on how organs and various systems of the body work. After two minutes the measurement of diodes in the forehead and hands and feet on the metal plates, you get lots of information about the body. The measurement is based on statistics and can not replace traditional methods but they give a good indication of the true extent of 85-95%.
We also have instruments to find out your biological age using the AGE Reader or Alpha Pulse Diagnostics also provides deeper information about the body's physiology.
For those who are interested in their heart, breathing and how good they are to be in a healthy state's tests with emWave Pro, which measures the HRV Heart Rate Variability. Here the customer can see and try how it is possible to change their physiological status using different focus and breathing exercises.