The body needs vitamins and minerals to function, but the question is in what form we should eat them.
When our customers earlier asked us what vitamins they should eat, we could never recommend anything, but they did come to us and try out what was best for them. This is because all people are different and that both the needs and the ability to assimilate differ enormously.
We saw that people who knew that they had a lack of something, such as magnesium, could do best to help but start eating it. All findings will depend on something and if you just add what is missing, you can create an even greater imbalance than solving the problem. The solution lies in finding the root cause of malnutrition in order to dissolve and remove it.
Do you have nutritional deficiencies you may feel tired or stressed needlessly and, above all, easier to get sick or hurt you. The biggest reason for nutritional deficiencies is that we eat too bad compared to what we expose ourselves to. The greater the effort and load we subject the body to the better nutrition we need and the industry need to be natural. Artificially manufactured product may contain vitamins good on paper but the body can not absorb them. Regular food is best - but then not any food ... which we describe in more detail in our Free Health Guide!
Nutrient deficiencies can also worsen if we have microbes in the body in the form of viruses, bacteria, chemicals, fungi, parasites and other things that create imbalance and strain on the body's resources.
In today's society, we have increased the stress on our bodies with a lot of electricity, gases, chemicals and radio waves, and to accomplish this it is not enough anymore with regular food without the need for supplements. We recommend FRIWAYs livstillskott®. They contain the purest and the best food the body can absorb and use to build up and strengthen the immune system.