Body Scanning - EIS
EIS was developed in France by doctors, physicists, mathematicians and computer experts but the company moved to the US where there were better statistical basis.
The technology is based on a bioimpedansmätning that after only a few minutes to a total functional analysis of the body's systems and organs. The analysis gives including an image of the fluid balance, metabolism, pH, inflammation, hormonal status and nervous system function.
With EIS, you can detect early disturbances in body systems and organs even before serious conditions arise. Registering an ESG - a Elektrosomatogram - for the body throughout the state. Similarly to an ECG reflects the state of the heart, or an EEG shows brain function. With an ESG, you see the whole function of the body - not just some - and you can track changes in health status, and quickly see how a treatment works. Today you can with this equipment to analyze 69 different physiological parameters in human body. The result is shown in 3D format and provides an overall picture of the client's physical / physiological functions, including how stress, diet, lifestyle and medication affect health and vitality.
The equipment used by both doctors and alternative therapists and available on more than 100 hospitals around the world.
The benefits of the EIS study is to:
• The client can quickly and easily reliable information about the current state of health
• The client does not need to undergo various examinations of different doctors to get a complete picture of their health status
• The client may be an indication of which organs or body systems that are the weakest link in the body
• The client can follow changes in the body and thus see the effect of lifestyle changes or therapies
The system is based on findings from the following research:
- R. Voll (organometri, change in the resistance of the human body organs and systems);
- T. Graham (physiology of matter in kolloidtillstånd);
- V. Schmidt and X. Pflaum (neurohumoral regulation);
- H. Frolich (quantum superconductivity of coherent wave fields);
- Prigogine, Nobel Laureate in Chemistry, 1977 (space coherent organization that shapes the biological systems dissipative structures);
- R. Sheldrake (morphogenic fields and information theory);
- R. Damadian (relaxation time of protons of water molecules in the living cells in the case of magnetic resonance)
CE 0459 Class IIa - European certificate for medical use.
With IIa means that not only qualified personnel should use this.
CSA Class 8750 81 / 875001- Canadian and American medical certificate.