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GROW Powder    
BASIC and grains acidifies the body. To be healthy and at peak performance needed proper pH.
GLOW gives the body energy. GLOW contain berries and green leafy vegetables with chlorophyll and other important substances that are good for the stomach, intestines and blood, which affects the body positively. See chemical analysis >>
FLOW contains vitamins and minerals from plants that provide the body's organs topics needed to be able to work optimally. See chemical analysis >>
FOCUS improves the immune system and provides the best omega 3, omega 6, omega-7 and omega-9 that we found in the world. Fats needed for hormone formation and cell walls and is vital to stay healthy and strong.
See chemical analysis >>
GROW Powder is a vegetable protein powder that contains all the amino acids and appears edifying and makes you stronger, fitter and more sustainable.
WELL is a spray of salt that contains essential minerals and trace elements that the body needs to communicate and regulate fluid balance, pH and other vital processes.
FRIWAYs livstillskott® are designed to give the body the nutrients needed to be healthy and able to perform at its peak. All people are unique, depending on diet and exercise habits can differ very much what is most important to eat. In our guide we provide guidelines. In some cases, all products because the body processes are complex, but we also highlights what we and our customers consider most important.
All FRIWAY products can be combined with each other and can be taken with food. Want to know more read-depth information for each product or click on the links above.
When we developed the FLOW, we wanted to develop a multivitamin with vitamins and minerals that may be the body's internal organs to function optimally to make us healthier and stronger.
We began testing how the body reacted to the different ingredients and noticed that it was better uptake and impact on natural substances than the artificially produced vitamins and minerals we could find on the market. In fact, the refined products can even benefit from nutrients from the body and create imbalances. (Ref 1)
During our acupuncture studies, we learned the basics of Chinese medicine, but not so much rethinking and when we showed teachers how to think and do with acupuncture system, he was surprised and grateful and gave us samples of the 300 most common herbs used in Chinese medicine. We did not believe that all of these could be good for all people and that was true but we found that there were a few ingredients that suited everyone regardless of age, gender, blood type and genetics, some were also good just for men and others for women. We therefore put together a product for men, one for women and one unisex product and it turned out that both men and women had a better effect of the unisex product therefore we have today just a FLOW tablet suitable for both men and women. This thinking and results have also been shown to apply to other products.
FLOW contains natural vitamins, minerals, phytochemicals, amino acids and amounts of trace elements that are essential for human well-being that the body can absorb and use.
Declaration per daily intake of 2 tablets and 12 tablets of 500mg and relationship to the RDA RDA.
Energy value 3,3kcal / 14kJ 19,8kcal / 84kJ
Carbohydrates 0.7g 4.2g
Protein 0.06 g 0.36g
Fat 0.03g 0.18g
Calcium 16mg 96mg 2% 12%
Magnesium 3.2 mg 1% 19,2mg 6%
Potassium 20mg 120mg * *
Iron 0,18mg 1,1mg 1% 6%
Silicon 6,8mg 40,8mg * *
Sulfur 22mg 132mg * *
 * RDA not established
FLOW suits all who want to support their internal organs and improve the body's purification.
FLOW Labtest
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BASIC was developed to increase the body's pH value. If stress, exercise heavily or eat different food than berries and vegetables, you are very likely acidic and may need help getting in balance or compensate for their lifestyle. When we started testing different brands on the market, we began with sodium bicarbonate but found nothing that worked so we examined the amounts of substances that were on the market as birch ash, volcanic sand and other bicarbonates but nothing we tested went to eat without disturbing the body.
In the US, a doctor who managed to get many terminally ill health. He gives dietary advice and many will bring a pH-enhancing drugs that we tested, and we saw that it would have side-effects if you eat there a while longer but because he had such good results there must be something good about it, because we started looking yet more after bicarbonates and eventually we found a supplier that manufactures a superb sodium bicarbonate without the side effects that we use in BASIC.
BASIC suit everyone who trains hard, stress, eat meat, fish, poultry, bread, pasta and other cereal or have problems with injuries or diseases and therefore need to raise the pH value in the body.
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Humans need fat to build cell walls, create hormones and stay healthy and intelligent and FOCUS contains the best fats we find in the world. Focus is on the bottle and in vegetable capsules.
When Ulf Kilman working with old and sick people, it is common that they are inflammatory processes in the body and to overcome this required frequent fish oils with omega 3, 6 and 9. When these people started to get healthy their bodies began to react badly in fish oils and they needed instead of vegetable oils. Why, he asked himself. How can it be that healthy people feel better of vegetable oils and therefore needed an assortment of many different animal and vegetable oils to every individual must get what he or she needs? To find out the truth we took home oils from around the world and realized quickly that organic cold-pressed vegetable oils was what was best for the body. Modern research also shows that health will by reduced intake of sugar and grain-rich products and animal fats and increased intake of vegetable fats. (Ref 2)
When we put together the oil, we worked with, numbered bottles that are not affected by, for example, our knowledge of the omega-3 and omega-6 dosages and which oils are claimed to be better than others. The result was amazing. We have formed an oil that does not grow old as we are, and laboratory tests can see. This is unique because FOCUS is free from additives and contain oils like avocado and flaxseed oil rancid after a few days at room temperature. FOCUS has an oxidation state of 0.1-0.2 from the date of manufacture in a minimum of 7 years, which makes it unique. We do not understand how it works, but professors have had ideas about something happening at the electron level that makes it very antioxidative and this may explain some of the amazing results our customers have when they tasted it.
Some who read a lot about fat claims to have high omega-6 content and vegetable oils can never be as good as the animal oils containing DHEA and GLA, but in our tests the FOCUS better than other drugs in the market and what we have seen gives no side effects or adverse reactions which many others do. The recent research also shows clearly that it is the unsaturated and polyunsaturated oils that are running at room temperature (vegetable oils) are those that are best for your health and our heart. One of our clients Aaron Anderson, world champion and with the Swedish national team in a wheelchair, was also the first in the world to have the perfect balance of its Omega-values ​​when he tested himself in a known lab.
FOCUS contain omega-3, -6, -7, and -9 in a unique composition that allows the body to create the right balance in their fatty acid composition.
Focus is a dietary supplements with high contents of unsaturated fatty acids that help to maintain normal blood cholesterol levels. FOCUS is also suitable for those who want to eat healthy fat, build, become healthier, more intelligent and take in vital fatty acids that support the cells and important processes in the body.
Dosage: 1/2 teaspoon (2.5 mL) 2-4 daily. The recommended dose should not be exceeded.
Declaration per daily intake of 5 ml (4.6 g) and 10 ml (9.2 g):
Fatty 4.600 mg 9.200 mg
Saturated fatty acids 780 mg 1.560 mg
Monounsaturated fatty acids 1.930 mg 3.860 mg
- Of which Omega-7 230 mg 460 mg
- Of which Omega-9 1650 mg 3.300 mg
Polyunsaturated fatty acids 1.560 mg 3.120 mg
- Of which Omega-3 335mg 670mg
- Of which Omega-6 1.190 mg 2.380 mg
Vitamin E natural 2mg * 4 mg *
* Equivalent to 17% and 33% of the daily recommended intake RDA.
Ingredients: havtornsfröolja, argan oil **, ** avocado oil, apricot kernel oil **,  flax seed oil **, olive oil **, pumpkin seed oil **, sunflower oil **, wheat germ oil **, antioxidant (rosemary).
** Organic cold-pressed raw material
Tablet capsules made of vegetable cellulose.
FOCUS Lab tests
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Book: Winning Lifestyle, Charlotte Kilman
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WELL developed to give our customers useful salts, minerals and trace elements that supports pH balance, hormone formation and the energy level in the body. It is a salt spray consisting of pure crystal from primeval sea salt that is dissolved in filtered deionized water and alkalized with low ORP (oxidationsreuktionspotential).
In our work, we saw that many had salt and mineral deficiencies but there was no salt on the market that was good enough that we could recommend it and sell it to our customers. Refined salts are harmful because they drain the body in trace elements and can also contain stabilizers such as potassium ferrocyanide and other substances that disrupt the body. (Ref 3)
When Ulf Kilman came in contact with a client who was a restaurateur and had found a good salty we were surprised when we saw how amazing it was. When he himself after a year do not do anything with the salt, he thought that we would go forward and develop something good. The salt came from the ancient sea caves where it has been stored since the times when there were no pollutants into the sea and was the best salt we've seen in all the earth but to the body could absorb and use it in a good way, we saw that we needed to dissolve in particular water. It then took another year before we found a bottle of sufficiently high quality that did not affect negatively the salt.
Ingredients: Purified and ionized water and natural mineral salt from the ancient sea caves.
The salt contains more than 35 natural trace elements and minerals: Sodium chloride (NaCl) 97.8%, Calcium (Ca) 0.42%, Magnesium (Mg) was 0.40%, sulfur (S) 0.20%, Potassium (K) 0.20%, Rubidium (Rb) 0.12% Iron (Fe) 0.05% Silicon (Si) 0.02% Carbon (C) 0.01% Copper (Cu) 0.01% Iodine (I) 0.001% mm.
WELL suits those who need to improve their salt and mineral balance, training hard and even those who like salt and salty like a lot of food.
Ref 3 Salt Your Way to Health, David Brownstein MD
GROW program was developed to give our customers a full protein powder with the building blocks that make up the body best. It contains proteins, with all essential and non-essential amino acids, carbohydrates and fatty acids as well as super greens with essential vitamins, minerals and chlorophyll. GROW is also enriched with vitamin D3, which is important for muscle function.
When we began to explore the market, we found first no proteins that was good enough and our first product contained 22 pure amino acids derived from whey in one tablet. One day, Lars Frölander with a hemp protein that is purported to be good. We had tested about 40 different hemp proteins and found that they did not work so we thought it would be good but the raw material he found was better than anything we've seen and together with a number of other ingredients became so good that it fits all and we can be proud and stand behind it.
GROW suits all who want to build up and become stronger, healthier and have better effect in their internal organs. Those that are most important are those who practice and those who know they do not eat as healthy and balanced as they should.
GROW POWDER is a 100% vegetable protein powder that contains all the essential amino acids, which are essential building blocks for body building, muscles and bones.
GROW POWDER contains 55.5% protein and is water soluble. The protein can be mixed in water, in a shake or used for cooking and baking. The nutritional value is highest when the protein is eaten in its natural form without warming up.
Using the GROW POWDER get in you proteins, amino acids, fats, carbohydrates and other essential nutrients that allows you to recover faster, build up your muscles and get in you vital nutrient. The raw materials are carefully selected and formulated to optimize the body's absorption and efficacy to you to be more alert and perform better.
Protein helps your body energy and muscle development and recovery in conjunction with exercise. The protein can advantageously be consumed within 30 minutes after training hard.
Vitamin D3 contributes to the normal function of the immune system and cardiovascular functions and maintains the body's muscle function.
Potassium helps muscles and nervous system normal functioning, and maintaining a normal blood pressure.
Calcium helps to maintain and achieve normal body weight and normal function of bones, teeth, nails and hair.
Phosphorus contributes to normal function of the energy metabolism and maintain cell membranes, teeth and bones.
Magnesium contributes to muscle contraction, hormonal health and normal function of the immune system and maintains the body's electrolyte balance and a normal blood pressure.
Zinc maintains the normal function of skin, nails and hair, and maintains cell division and DNA synthesis. In addition, it helps to protect the proteins, lipids and DNA from oxidative stress and supports the acid - base metabolism.
Iron maintains the normal energy metabolism and reduces fatigue.
GROW POWDER is a livstillskott® that suits those who train hard and even others who want to build themselves regardless of age and gender.
Ingredients: Hemp flour (1), Alfalfa (1), rye grass (1), barley grass (1), Horsetail (1) and of vitamin D3.
(1) Organic raw material.
(1) = Small first top right
Intake: 1 serving (30g) 3 times per day. In connection with meals, as snacks and happy after exercise.
Declaration per 100g and per serving 30g: RDA% * RDA% *
Energy value 1787kJ / 427kcal 536kJ / 128kcal
Carbohydrates 12,2g 3,7g
Protein 16.7g 55,5g
Fat 5.1g 17,2g
Of which saturates 1.7g 0.5g
Trans fat 0g 0g
Polyunsaturates 11,4g 3,4g
Omega-6 8.7 g 2,6g
Omega-3 2.7g 0.8g
Dietary fiber 0g 0g
Sodium 0.1 g ** 0.03g **
Potassium 2800mg 140% 840mg 42%
Calcium 300mg 90mg 37% 11%
Phosphorus 1400 mg 200% 420mg 60%
Magnesium 200 mg 53% 60 mg 16%
Zinc 9mg 90% 2.7 mg 27%
Iron 12mg 85% 3,6mg 26%
Vitamin D3 120μg 36μg 2400% 720%
Amino acids
Glutamic Acid 100 mg 30 mg
Arginine 70 mg 21 mg
Aspartic acid 60 mg 18 mg
Leucine ² 40 mg 12 mg
Valine ² 30 mg 9 mg
Serine 30 mg 9 mg
Alanine 20 mg 6 mg
Isoleucine ² 20 mg 6 mg
Glycine 20 mg 6 mg
Proline 20 mg 6 mg
Phenylalanine ² 20 mg 6 mg
Lysine ² 20 mg 6 mg
Tyrosine 20 mg 6 mg
Tryptophan ² 20 mg 6 mg
Threonine ² 20 mg 6 mg
Histidine ² 20 mg 6 mg
Methionine ² 10 mg 3 mg
Cystine 10 mg 3 mg
Ornithine 10 mg 3 mg
² essential amino acid
* Recommended Daily Allowance RDA according to EU directive 2008/100 / EC.
** RDA not established.
GROW POWDER free from sweeteners, flavor enhancers, bulking agents and does not contain soy, wheat, eggs or nuts.
Net Weight: 800 g.
Storage dry at room temperature. GROW POWDER can also be frozen for longer shelf life.
The immortality EDGE, Michael Fossel MD, PhD, Greta Blackburn, Dave Woynarowski, MD, describes how we should live to keep us young people with the help of a lot of vegetables, berries and training ...
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When we developed the GLOW goal was to make a product that gave maximum energy and contained a lot of green plants with lots of vitamins, minerals and chlorophyll allegedly's fantastic qualities to build up in blood, energy, muscles and also heal serious diseases. Many eat too little green and in many places it may be difficult to buy organic salad, broccoli and avocado why we've gathered the best of the green raw materials we found in the whole world. When we tested the product until we discovered that we had even better effect when we added some soft fruits and beetroot. Therefore, we call it a greenberry® product.
GLOW is good for the most part of the body but especially the stomach, intestines, and then even the blood picture. Customers eaten GLOW have improved their blood counts and experienced great energy savings. Therese Alshammar was one of those who received the help of this product when she ate it (along with the other products in FRIWAYs range) between 2008 to 2011 when she broke the world record and won gold medals in the 50m Freestyle. After that she got a new agent, and are no longer with our products.
GLOW suits all who want to have more energy and better digestion.
Intake: 1 serving / teaspoon 3 times a day.
Declaration per 100g and the daily intake of 3 servings of 3 g:
Energy value 1158kJ / 277kcal RDA% * 35kJ / 8,3kcal RDA% *
Carbohydrates 3.6g 40,5g
Protein 19.1g 1,8g
Fat 3.9g 0.3g
Dietary fiber 22,9g 2,1g
Sodium 320mg 28,8mg ** **
Magnesium 160mg 43% 14,4mg 3%
Calcium 330mg 41% 29,7mg 3%
Phosphorus 320mg 46% 28,8mg 3%
Zinc 1,8mg 0,3mg 18% 3%
Potassium 2500mg 225mg 125% 12%
Iron 15mg 107% 1.5Mg 12%
B vitamins
Thiamine, B1 0,7mg 64% 0,06mg 6%
Riboflavin, B2 0.5 mg 36% 3% 0,06mg
Niacin B3 6,6mg 0,6mg 38% 3%
1,3mg Pantothenic acid 22% 3% 0,12mg
Biotin 7,2mcg 0,6mcg 14% 2%
B12 11,0mcg 0,9mcg 440% 39%
Folic Acid 630mcg 315% 57 mcg 27%
Ascorbic acid 3.9 mg 43mg 54% 6%
Vitamin K 50mcg 467% 31,5mcg 42%
Chlorophyll 420mg 38mg ** **
* Recommended Daily Allowance RDA according to EU directive 2008/100 / EC.
** RDA not established.
Ingredients: Wheat Grass *, Barley Grass *, Blueberry *, Alfalfa *, oat grass *, lingonberry *, Beetroot *, Blackcurrant *, Spirulina *, rye grass *
* Organic raw material.
Net Weight: 200 g.
Storage dry at room temperature.
GLOW Labtest
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The immortality EDGE, Michael Fossel MD, PhD, Greta Blackburn, Dave Woynarowski, MD, describes how we should live to keep us young people with the help of a lot of vegetables, berries and training ...
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