HKT® - Physical treatment that identifyes and help the immunesystem to remove the most important problem within the body.
TUNING® - mental programming to add wisdom, clarity and wellness to think and do the right thing in every moment.
Health Test (Body Scanning (EIS) + Vitamin needs test) about 40 minutes 990 SEK
Body Scanning (EIS) about 20 minutes 790 SEK
Vitamin needs test about 20 minutes 400 SEK
Alfa pulse diagnosis (Alfa instruments) about 20 minutes 400 SEK
emWave Pro test 20 minutes 400 SEK
AGE Reader 10 minutes 100 SEK

Price list

  Your Recent -2H Return visit - 1h
Ulf Kilman - HKT 4700kr 3150kr
Lena Fjällman - HKT 2750kr 2450kr
Evelina Schinkler Cruz - HKT 1950kr 1450kr
Charlotte Kilman - TUNING 2450kr 2450kr

Emergency Appiontment  whit Ulf Kilman                                                              6700                                                         5150

All taxes included