FOCUS capsules (omega oils)


FOCUS - is a unique fatty acid same setting. Eating good fats is useful and important for your immune system, your intelligence, digestion, energy consumption and hormone formation. Fatty acids also protects your nerve cells and without the sufficient amount of fatty acids in the body works your nervous system as electrical cables without insulation, ie the risk of short circuit. The brain, heart, vascular system, your internal organs as the adrenals and pancreas also needs fatty acids.

Healthy fat is simply vital for your health.
FOCUS consists only of vegetable cold pressed organic oils that contain omega 3, omega 6, omega-7 and omega 9. Vegetable oils are easy for the body to break down and convert into exactly what you need and feel good. FOCUS is designed to give your body a maximum uptake of these essential fatty acids, which gives you increased wellbeing and the conditions for a healthy life.
The usual dose is one capsule four times a day.
The box contains 120 capsules.