FLOW (Detox)


FLOW is a natural product consisting of natural, dried, ground plant parts and plant extracts. FLOW was supposed to be a multivitamin but when we compared the effect of different factory-made vitamins and minerals with natural ingredients, it turned out that it was better absorption and effect when we used natural products such as dried and ground plants and plant extracts. FLOW contains the most vitamins and minerals, and despite the low levels our customers have achieved positive results. Presumably, humans easier to assimilate the vitamins and minerals when they are natural.
Flows ingredients are: Agrimonia, Batavia root, bee pollen, gardenia, Jobs tears, jujube, licorice root, Lycium, melonfrö, pumpkin, russian root and horsetail which in turn contains antioxidants, enzymes, amino acids and vitamins and minerals that are essential for building , detoxification (detox) and energy supply to function optimally in our bodies. The unique formulation is designed to be easy for the body to absorb and give maximum effect. FLOW supports the body's own purification and physiology!
1 tablet 4 times / day but some may need more and others less. The tablet is preferably with food.
120 capsules which lasts one month at normal consumption

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