BASIC (pH increaser)


A basic requirement for you to be able to be healthy is, you have the right pH balance in your body, therefore, regulates the body constantly pH using several different buffer systems such as breathing, blood and protein synthesis.
Blood optimal pH is probably 7.365 and it is most often between 7.35-7.45. If you are acidic, the body may have to create basic elements, like calcium, by breaking down the bones, which can lead to the bones become more brittle or you can store the acidification of cells which can lead to obesity.
The people who have an acidifying lifestyle - stress, eating acid forming foods (eg, cereals, red meat, sugar, chemicals, alcohol, etc.) or working extremely hard easily become acidified. You know with you that you are living unhealthy, has inflammation, pain, stressed or have other symptoms of illness, you are probably acidic. An easy way to check whether you have the correct pH value is to test your morning urine should have a pH value of 7.2, then the body can easily get rid of that which acidifies and the immune system work better.
To restore the pH balance, you can eat very alkaline vegetables like avocado, cucumber, broccoli, onions and drink pure water with high pH or exercise and live a peaceful and harmonious life. If you are unable to this than you can eat BASIC.
BASIC consists of high-quality sodium bicarbonate, organic inulin and talc. We tested a long time different mixtures of bicarbonates, and found that this was the only thing we could see worked on all test persons. Inulin is also sometimes used as a dietary supplement and is known as a prebiotic and is claimed to help build up the intestinal bacteria.
1 tablet 4 times / day but some may need more. Eat as much as the pH value of your morning urine is always above 7.2.
120 capsules which lasts one month at normal consumption

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