What customers can get help with?
Customer Results
KILMANINSTITUTET will not bring any new truths, but we present them in a way that can be provocative for some. We work with the body's reality and ensures that the nervous system connects the right and teaches the body to respond appropriately to whatever it is subjected. We see in our work, that anything is possible, when the body gets the resources it needs and know what to do!
We work with the body's truth and among our customers, we chronically ill and doomed to become completely healthy after a few treatments. We also have athletes that we helped beat the world record and win championship medals. Some do things others thought were impossible, such as Eddie Berglund as 18-year-old boy lifted 180kg in the bench press when he weighed 64 kg, without special sweater.
Chronic diseases
When the body's immune system may help to clear out the disturbances, can be chronic illnesses disappear. We have customers who have been healthy from asthma, MS, genetic defects and growth problems, blood and kidney diseases etc.
Upon injury and illness occurs sometimes pain. Most injuries heal in 3-6 months, but the pain can still remain. This is due to increased sensitivity of the nervous system and the brain's interpretation which we can help to change. In the beginning you may need painkillers but this is no solution, but should be scaled down. Thoughts and emotions affect pain, therefore it is important to learn to manage stress to reduce strains in the nervous system. Diet and lifestyle changes may be needed to avoid pain. In some, the pain can have a deeper meaning. It might be important to change something in life to be painless.
Physical activity at comfortable level which can then be expanded is also important. Movement is what keeps the body and we are still and breathe superficially, it may be difficult to be painless. When our customers begin to burden themselves, both the nervous system, brain and other processes may need help to work right so that pain can be avoided.
When the body is in balance, the nutrition and energy needed damaged, we usually do not, but the body reacts prevention. If we have harmed us, the body needs to heal tissue damage with the help of rest and proper nutrition. We can speed up this process by working mentally with how quickly it is possible to be healthy and also support the nervous system and other processes in the body. For example, surgery is usually the body to be very stressed and may be difficult to know how the fastest can heal itself, and we can speed up this process. We have skiers, football players and other injuries that come back in less than 1/3 of the supposed time - with our help, and dietary recommendations.
Allergic reactions occur when the immune system can not deal with or react to an allergen, a substance that interferes with the body. At each treatment KILMANINSTITUTET we help the immune system to identify and teach the body how it should work to remove what disturbs the body the most. After each treatment the body becomes purer and stronger allowing the autonomic nervous system function better. We will then be better able to handle external and internal dangers. Our customers allergies tend therefore to disappear one by one. In time, all the allergies disappear with a healthy lifestyle and good nutrition status (eg FRIWAYs livstillskott®).
Sports rsesult
Olympic gold champion in swimming, Michael Phelps will breeze, made sure before each important competition get past the Ulf Kilman to ensure that all neural traffic worked perfectly. He ate and eat today all FRIWAY supplements to take in important industry and he avoids the food that the latest research shows disrupts the body mostly as wheat, sugar, milk products, etc..
Whether you are a golfer, elite athletes or happy exerciser can we help to challenge your body with different thoughts, feelings and movements to see if there is something that can be förbättre, and it usually always do.
Whatever we do should always nervous system function and be able to switch off and put on muscle. However, most have one or more muscles can be strained even or someone who has trouble relaxing, which affects mobility, strength and ability to improve their technique.
With our treatment, we can get your body to understand how to connect, react and deal with any situation and we can also see if there is any nutritional deficiencies that can be remedied and improve performance.
Skin, nail, hair disorders
Rash, eczema, warts, dry skin, cracked nails, hair loss and other symptoms often have multiple causes that basis but even here we usually after one to three treatments to notice big changes for the better. In some cases it might be slightly worse before it is good during the purge period.
With these customers, we do the same thing with all the customers. We identify what is bothering your body most and helps the immune system to dissolve and remove it and once the body got rid of the charged functioning better and the hair grows out and the skin becomes better.
Stomach upset
It was in 2015 seem strange if you would give their pets a large bag of candy every Saturday but many children get it. We imagine nor without stopping in us chemicals colorants, stabilizers, genetically modified foods developed for us to consume more.
We have over the years helped a variety of clients ranging from mild to very troublesome stomach problems.
What we learned is that it is important to bring order to the intestinal flora by eating right, very organic berries and vegetables but it is for most people at least as important to exclude any food to 100% which create confusion in the body and for those who have greater inconvenience means that they should avoid refined carbohydrates entirely. Sugar, cereals, mainly wheat flour must be avoided as well as all dairy products.
It is also necessary treatments for fungus, mycotoxins, parasites, chemicals and other things can be the basis for the disorder which is then exacerbated by diet.
On the day the customer feel completely healthy, carefully try to introduce one of the things that disturbs the body. Some may occasionally eat some cheese, others can eat a little rye crispbread, but many need to stay away from this in order to feel a hundred percent good.
Feel better
Do I have a problem to come to you, ask some customers when they call. It is not necessary, but we can help all the curious who want to feel better. Everyone can feel better, have better nutritional status, becoming more sustainable, healthier and more energetic. With our methods we can see what is holding you back the most and resolve this and also identify what is most important for you to make to maximize your life experience.