Drink Water

Your body is made up mostly of water is an important prerequisite for keeping yourself clean and feeling good. Most do best to drink 2-3 liters of clean water per day. You should drink pH neutral or alkaline water, because most people are often acidified.
When you have too little water in the body functioning nervous system worse and you could become too tired, hurt you more easily or get more difficult to focus on what is important. Drinking coffee, tea, soft drinks and alcohol do not help, but it disturbs rather the body's fluid balance and pH.
In Sweden, many drinking tap water in the belief that it is good, but the filters that are may not remove all chemicals, pharmaceutical residues and other harmful substances, water is also chlorinated and has often been at the old piping system that destroys the water. To be able to drink clean water, you need to install a custom filter, but be aware that the filter really does give the result you want. Many filters we tested have been found to remove beneficial minerals and trace elements which destroys the structures of the energy and water.
Will you be staying in environments with polluted air, or have accumulated toxins such as chemicals, metals, bacteria or viruses, you need to drink more water, and the same goes for those stressed or training hard.