Charlotte Kilman

Charlotte Kilman - Grew up on Sweden's west coast outside Varberg and trained engineering at Chalmers University in Gothenburg, worked at the insurance company Skandia for 10 years, first as the seller and the last years as sales manager. Her interest in body and soul has always been great, and she has regularly trained in mental development, and for example medicine at Uppsala University.
Charlotte has developed its own system - TUNING® - which helps to program your body to do what the customers want, such as overcoming his doubts, obstacles, be better able to focus accurately, manage stress, become healthier, stronger, get their ideal weight, become smoke or enhance the motivation to choose the right, to love himself or do what it takes to succeed.
With the help of this system, you build a mental immune system and learn how to use strengths and dissolve and remove weaknesses so that you can always manage it you face in life in a positive way. With that, she has helped everything from ordinary people to elite athletes Therese Alshammar (swimming) and Anna-Karin Strömstedt (Cross Country / Biathlon).