Oxygen is vital for your body and optimal breathing is natural, relaxed and depth. Then massage the diaphragm, your internal organs, which helps your circulation, communication, pH and self-healing.
Breathing works automatically but many need to be more aware of their breathing and improve it.
There are a plethora breathing exercises easiest way is to practice extending its in and exhalations. Those we have seen the best results are:
1. To train to extend your in and exhale while you focus on your heart and something lovingly creating inner harmony in the body. It's good to be able to inhale for 5 seconds or more during the same period. This interval can then be trained up and extended.
2. Yoga breathing exercise: 1 * 4 * 2 can also provide good income Breathe in through your nose in a unit of time, hold your breath for 4 and exhale to 2. For example, inhale for 4 seconds, you hold your breath for 16 seconds and then exhale for 8 seconds. In this way, oxygen, insert the body and can experience more focused and concentrated.
Breathing exercises can usefully be done 1-3 times per day for 2-5 minutes or longer if you wish.