About Kinesiologi

If kinesiology
Kinesiology is the science of movement. A kinesiologist learn to read how the nervous system reacts and can see how the body communicates and handles all exposed to and also help to get your body to understand how it will work. There are many different teachings and techniques in kinesiologin but the basis is the same where one reads of how the body works neurologically.
It is possible to test the most part, but there are pitfalls, which requires training to be able to read the body properly. Body's nervous system may be disturbed due to, for example, volume depletion, environmental toxins, stress or trauma. When the body lacks information has flaws or compensated and is not in balance, the responses may be misleading. The quality of the issue is also important. The better question, the better response you can get.
In some countries, such as chiropractors, to be legitimized, read kinesiology to learn how to find what is the priority of working with the client. In this manner, incorrect treatments avoided. The kinesiologer that sets the best questions to the nervous system and knows the pitfalls are, get the best results.
How can it work?
In the body, in all tissues, there are nerve cells that transmit information to the central nervous system and the brain about what happens in the area where the nerve cell sits. This information is processed by the brain, which in turn provides signals to glands, organs, muscles, which in turn sends back information for verification and possible correction. Each inward signal (afferent sensory) or outward (efferent, motor) signal occurs with an electrical impulse of around 0,55mV.
When a kinesiologist testing a muscle added a slight pressure which increases from 0 to about 5kg of such an arm in a specific direction to get at a particular muscle. The idea is that the nervous system to send more signals to the muscle fibers in order to retain the position. If it can not, it is something wrong. There can be the muscle itself, the nerves that send signals, the interpretation of the signals or an organ or gland that belong to the muscle that makes it impossible to resist.
What is big and what it depends on, kinesiologen find out. The basic idea is to reawaken the body's memories and give the body the power to dissolve or remove the cause of the problem, which is often much else in the bargain.
HKT - Holographic kinesiology
Ulf Kilman has since the early 1990s worked with health. When he was not able to help their clients with existing technologies, he has been looking forward to, he found solutions to the problems he faced. Together with his wife Charlotte, he has developed a system for the quickest and easiest way possible to help people become healthy and at peak performance. By reading the client's nervous system and combine the teachings in medicine, acupuncture, osteopathy, homeopathy, kraniosakrala treatments and several other alternative medical techniques, Ulf has put together the processing system which he has seen is most effective in getting the body to work properly.
The hologram is created using two cameras that build up a three dimensional image. The name holographic kinesiology was taken to the working method works with the human body from two directions, both physically and mentally, which together form a whole, as well as physical prolem may have a mental root cause may be mental problems bottomed in physical discomfort or improper diet.
For a human being to cure or perform max terms needed the proper keys. KILMANINSTITUTET have seen that the better and more precise questions we ask ourselves the better answers and results we get. Holographic kinesiology we can find our customers' individual keys because no man is another similar, although there are many basic rules that apply to us all.
With the help of TUNING it is possible to reprogram themselves both consciously and subconsciously, and install better truths in the body. For example, to lose weight, be able to enjoy talking to groups, be better able to perform at your best when it comes, or get help to release old sorrows and worries are TUNING method we have seen is the most effective and easiest.
That we do as we do in different situations have their reasons and we want to change how we think and react, we need to reprogram ourselves. TUNING works by reading the body's truth and see how the nervous system responds. We strengthen or give the body new positive programming and dissolves and removes unwarranted negativity. In this way strengthen your strengths and weaknesses are reduced and you get easier to be your true self.
It is always good to have healthy habits and a positive attitude to life, but this should be done by itself. If you need to consider to be positive, you can forget about this when you are tired or stressed. With TUNING peeling we remove what made you see life negatively and, above all, we get your senses to focus on what is most important for you to succeed and feel good.