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KILMANINSTITUTET owned and operated by Ulf and Charlotte Kilman at Rasta Castle, Ekerö outside Stockholm. Customers come here from all over the world to be healthier and perform better.
With the help of the latest research, we continually develop our working methods in order to give our clients the best possible experience and efficacy of our treatments.
With us you are not just good overall treatments we begin an inner journey where you will learn how you will live to discover how healthy and well-being you can be.
KILMANINSTITUTETs goal is to give their clients the knowledge and opportunity to experience as much health and success as possible, by providing the best products, and processing forms we find in the world.
Health is not by chance but is the result of conscious choices in everyday life.
KILMANINSTITUTETs vision is to teach the knowledge and therapies as we have seen is the most effective and necessary for all people to feel good, stay healthy and ensure that this knowledge and products that enable the spread in the world