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More and more people want to feel better and new information on how to live a healthier life and be healthier is constantly surfacing. However, what really works and how the body functions is not yet understood by many people, and it is this knowledge that we want to provide with the FOR HUMAN HEALTH-lifestyle. To be healthy, full of energy and happy you need to learn to follow the laws of nature and to focus on what brings lasting positive results, i.e. what helps the body to communicate properly. It is important to learn to avoid things with negative effects on the body, but it is equally important to start providing the body with that which gives nutrition and energy that the body can take up and use. This gives the body the resilience and strength needed to cope with everyday challenges. A healthy body can handle many challenges, but if we do not fill up with the best possible fuel and expose our bodies to damaging substances, we will age prematurely.

Below we have summarized the ten most important health advice to keep your body young and strong for as long as possible:

1. Make sure that the pH value of your morning urine is above 7.0. You can achieve this with deep relaxed breathing, vegetables, berries, light exercise, love or FRIWAYs BASIC product.

2. Drink about 2 liters of pure water, preferably with a high pH, each day to avoid dehydration.

3. Practice deep and relaxed breathing, be sure to be panting and sweating once a day to promote your circulation and oxygenation.

4. Avoid all wheat products to avoid inflammatory processes and improper signaling in the body.

5. Squat 2 minutes three times a day to improve digestion, signaling, and posture.

6. Avoid all dairy products, refined sugar and pork, things that create problems in your body.

7. Practice aerobic endurance training, i.e. cycling, jogging or swimming for 30 minutes every day to oxygenate the body.

8. Take FRIWAYs livstillskott® to replenish your stores and give your body what it needs to manage the environmental impact of everyday life and stay young.

BASIC - to raise your pH and compensate for unhealthy lifestyle or environment.

FOCUS - to provide your body with beneficial fatty acids that; promote immune function, intelligence, and constitute building blocks for cell membranes, hormones and neural pathways in the body.

FLOW - to give you the vitamins and minerals that help the body purify and cleanse (detox).

WELL- to get in your vital salts and minerals needed to control pH, hydration and the electrical signaling in the body.

GROW - to provide you with the proteins and amino acids that build your body and are needed for signaling in your body to operate.

GLOW - to fortify your blood and give you extra energy using essential vitamins and minerals that can be found in berries and greens.

9. To promote digestion, avoid eating animal proteins such as fish, poultry and meat with carbohydrates such as rice, pasta and potatoes. Eat animal protein with vegetables, quinoa and/or buckwheat instead.

10. Relax or meditate about 10 minutes a day, and make sure to be relaxed and sleep properly at night.

Healthier and more sustainable food!



Oxygen is vital for your body and optimal breathing is natural, relaxed and deep, allowing the diaphragm to massage your internal organs, promoting proper circulation, communication, pH and self-healing.

Breathing works automatically but many need to be more aware of their breathing and improve it.

There are a great number of breathing exercises, the easiest is to practice extending inhalation and exhalation. We have observed the best results with :

1. Practice extending inhalation and exhalation while focusing on your heart and something of great affection - creating an inner harmony. It's good to be able to inhale for 5 seconds or more, and exhale for the same duration of time. Practice will extend the duration of inhalation/exhalation.  

2. Yoga breathing exercise: 1 * 4 * 2 can also give good results. Inhale through your nose for one unit of time, hold your breath for 4, and exhale for 2. For example, if you inhale for 4 seconds, you hold your breath for 16 seconds and then exhale for 8 seconds. In this way you oxygenate your and may experience an increased ability to focus and concentrate.

Breathing exercises may for best results be repeated 1-3 times per day for 2-5 minutes, or longer if you wish.



Your body is made up mostly of water, which is an important prerequisite for keeping yourself clean and feeling good. Most people feel the best when drinking 2-3 liters of clean water per day. You should drink pH neutral or alkaline water, because most people are often acidified.

Too little water in your body (dehydration) may impair the function of your nervous system, make you tired, increase the risk of injury and make it difficult to focus on what is important. Drinking coffee, tea, soft drinks and/or alcohol does not help, but rather disturbs the fluid balance and pH of the body.

In Sweden, many people drink tap water in belief that it is good, but the filters used may not remove all chemicals, pharmaceutical residues and other harmful substances. The Water is also chlorinated and has often travelled through old piping systems that destroy the water. To be able to drink clean water, you need to install your own custom filter, but when selecting a filter, be sure that the filter really does give the result you want. Many filters we tested have been found to remove beneficial minerals and trace elements, destroying the energy and structures of the water.

If you are exposed to environments with polluted air, or you have accumulated toxins such as chemicals, metals, bacteria or viruses, you need to drink more water. Likewise you need to drink more water if you are under a lot of stress or hard exercise.



Your brain needs stimulation, and your body needs to move to make you feel good, advance and evolve. Exercise can be psychological as well as physical, and everything that you practice often you will get better at. The best types of exercise are fun, diverse and challenging, and they build you physically, mentally and emotionally.

You can exercise your brain by thinking in new ways, inverting your reasoning, reading an article or focus in depth on something of interest, solving crosswords, asking yourself "how can others have the opinions and thoughts they have?" Challenge your reasoning, ideas and habits. Most important is that you are curious and want to learn more about life and the truth.

To get started with physical exercise, it is easiest to focus on something you enjoy doing, making you want to exercise frequently. For some people this is to play badminton, soccer or football , while others prefer to go out in the nature, practicing yoga, dancing or weight training. Most importantly your physical exercise need be challenging for you and you need to practice it regularly. With the help of exercise you can increase your endurance, become more agile, stronger, have more energy and avoid or delay many so-called natural aging symptoms



New research shows that lifestyle is more important than our genes. Specifically, our diet affects us enormously. If you want to be healthier, stronger and more energetic you cannot live on junk food, but you need to give your body high-quality fuel and avoid storage of interfering substances  by refraining from junk food, chemicals and other damaging substances.

The foods containing the most nutrients that the body can absorb are organic vegetables and berries. Therefore, if you want to maximize your energy, want to be healthier or to perform better this should form the basis of your diet.

It is most important to avoid the chemicals and all the allergens containing substances affecting the human body in a negative way. If you are healthy and have good genes your body may not react to many of these things, but your body still needs to process the allergens and this processing depletes your depots. The most common allergens that are to be minimized and preferably excluded entirely from the diet is; wheat, gluten, dairy products, lactose, citrus, soy, tomato, corn, pome fruits, mushrooms, eggs, nuts and garlic.

Not only what you eat, but also how you combine your food is important. Two ingredients that may be good if separate, may not be good together. In order for your digestion to function optimally, a meal need to be properly formulated with ingredients that fit together, and preferably you should also eat in a beautiful and relaxed atmosphere, together with friends. If you are stressed, annoyed, tired, or eat food containing allergens, difficult to digest or disrupting the body's communication, your digestion will not function optimally.



You like to indulge in unhealthy “bad food” and food of less nutritional value, and you do not have the will or drive to change your diet.

Reduce the “bad food” and take dietary supplements.

The more you reduce your intake of candy, chips, alcohol and other “bad foods”, the better you will feel. A craving for “bad food” is usually due to lack of certain nutrients/trace elements, or due to the fact that you associate certain foods or drinks with positive feelings. If you want to get rid of these cravings, improve your diet and learn to create the positive feelings you want with the help of exercise, music, meditation or anything else you appreciate. Your favorite music and a little dancing at home might bring just as much joy as a bag of candy?

If you do not want to change your diet, you can still improve your ability to feel good by adding supplements. Fatty acids, multi-vitamins or other vitamins and minerals may be good, however, exactly what you need and will benefit from can be difficult to know. Research showing that supplements do not work may be correct in that it many times may be the placebo effect of a pill that does more good than the preparation itself.

We can recommend FRIWAYs livstillskott®. They are completely natural and contain the purest and best foods from all corners of the world, assembled into powder and/or pills to give you and your body the fuel it needs.

GLOW contains berries and super greens which give energy and compensate for poor intake of for example green leafy vegetables. FLOW contains herbs that have historically been used by the Earth's indigenous peoples to strengthen the internal organs of the body.                                                       GROW is an organic protein powder that contains all the amino acids, with 55% protein.

BASIC can be taken to compensate for an unhealthy diet, strenuous exercise or stress.

WELL is a natural sea salt obtained from the mountain caves of the oceans before there was pollution. It contains a wealth of essential trace elements and is dissolved in water to suit the digestive system fully. Those who want to increase their intake of beneficial fatty acids may take FOCUS containing vegetable organic acids. For more information about the products please see; www.friway.se.



You think about what you eat but sometimes indulge in unhealthy “junk foods”.

Avoid dairy and wheat products, and do not mix carbohydrates with proteins.


You probably already know what is useful and healthy, useless and unhealthy or harmful in terms of foods. And you probably also know that it is best to eat natural products that are organically grown and minimally processed. In addition, you know that it is good to drink clean water and avoid soda, alcohol and coffee.

However, you might not know that as soon as you see your food on the plate, your body begins to produce the enzymes needed for digestion. Different kinds of food need different enzymes to be processed and your body cannot produce all these enzymes simultaneously. Some foods are digested best in an alkaline environment, while other foods need a strong acidic environment to be digested. If you mix foods incorrectly, you may increase flatulence or trigger inflammatory processes in your body and the digestive tract.


Keys to improving digestion:

To do:

·         Feel happy, enjoy, laugh, practice relaxed and deep breathing, love yourself and those you meet.

·         Eat plenty of vegetables and berries, drink clean water and enjoy the food you eat. If you want to eat fruits do it on an empty stomach, never together with a meal, or after a meal, as it interferes with digestion.

·         If you want to eat meat, poultry or fish, eat it with vegetables or berries. Cereal and other carbohydrates such as rice, pasta and potatoes should not be eaten together with foods of animal origin. If you want to eat pasta or rice, eat brown rice, make sure the pasta is gluten-free and eat it with vegetables, as this allows your body to break down and absorb what you eat.

·         If you avoid mixing carbohydrates and proteins, it will be much easier for your body to process and make use of what you eat. In many diets, for example LCHF, Atkins and GI these combinations are often avoided, which may underlie the achieved success of these diets.

To avoid:

·         Stress, anxiety, shame, guilt, shallow breathing and other negative emotions that disturb the metabolism.

·         Minimize and preferably avoid all dairy and wheat products. Processed foods containing stabilizers, flavor enhancers, sugar, margarine and trans-fatty acids should also be avoided.

·         The intake of the most common allergens;  gluten, lactose, citrus, soy, tomato, corn, pome fruits, mushrooms, eggs, nuts and garlic , need also be minimized.


Take dietary supplements if you want to make sure you get the vitamins, minerals and other substances that you need. The food today does not have the same nutritional value as it did 50 years ago. In addition, the environmental challenges have increased, and subsequently, to be able to feel as good as possible, supplements are needed. Many supplements do, however, more harm than good. We therefore recommend FRIWAYs products that are tested on the human body and designed to give your body the nutrition it needs.

The products are completely natural and contain the purest and the best foods from all around the world assembled into powder and pill form to give your body the best possible fuel.

For more information about the products please see; www.friway.se.



You want to eat perfect to be able to perform at your best, recover from an illness or feel as good as possible in all situations.

Perhaps the most important advice to achieve optimal nutrition are listed in the YELLOW section. When you avoid wheat, dairy products, sugar and unnatural chemicals, eat fruit on an empty stomach, drink enough clean water and avoid combining animal proteins with carbohydrates like rice and pasta, you have come a long way.

If you want to reach the very top and become your best self, you now need to learn how to test and understand yourself and your body – learn how to see which ingredients and combinations your body needs. Over the years we have tried everything we have encountered and seen that there are some basic rules that apply to everyone. However, there are also exceptions and pitfalls due to genes, lifestyle and loads of microbes, wherefore the FOR HUMAN HEALTH-lifestyle is individualized. It is not a new diet, but a lifestyle where you learn to live by the ability of your body to communicate and connect properly.

If you now want to be the best you can be, you need to learn to avoid the ingredients and food combinations that prevent the body from receiving, processing and sending the right signals. Reading the body's nervous system is something that has been done since the beginning of time, and the latest research in neuroscience and epigenetics emphasize what we see in our everyday lives: We are different, but we can change ourselves and there is a position/an environment, where the human body works at its best.

The keys to be your best self are:

1. Learn to interpret your own nervous system - to eat only that which is neutral or good for you. We have had families at KILMANINSTITUTET who have learned to test what kind of snacks they can eat. One person may be able to eat dried fruits – while others may not be. Another person may be able to eat chips (organic, with sea salt and sunflower oil) – while others may not be, and a third person may only be able to eat cucumber.

2. Do not rely on others, but find your own truth, what works for you. Your reality may be different from that of others. An apple may good for one person but trigger a severe allergic reaction in another person.

3. If you crave something that most likely is unhealthy, ask yourself if it is your own cravings you experience, or if you are influenced by others. Alternatively ask yourself if your life is too good. Are you too loved, liked, happy, healthy, or experience something else so positive that it makes you want to hold yourself back. (Charlotte Kilman has with her TUNING® work at KILMANINSTITUTET observed that it is not the problems people experience that hold them back, but an inability to handle success and/or feeling really good.)


To reach the very top you probably need to supplement your diet with lifesupplements® which are designed to give the body the best possible nutrition. Read more on www.friway.se if you are interested!

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Good luck with a long and happy life filled with energy!



Rest is an important part of the training because it is during rest that your body recover and rebuild, but this assumes that you have challenged your mind and body before the rest.

Rest is a state you may experience at any time; when you travel by bus, when you are driving, sitting in a meeting , or when you run. Practice and learn to rest in everyday situations instead of always performing and keeping up with everything and everyone. Learn to be comfortable and relaxed, because this is when you perform at your best regardless of what the challenge is.

It is also important that you sleep well. Most people sleep well when they have had some time to slow down mentally and physically before going to sleep in a dark and cool place. Learn what you need to sleep well and set up these routines, create these physical and mental conditions for yourself.

When you rest, you give yourself time to feel and listen to yourself. This dialogue with yourself can be the most rewarding you have in your entire life!



The body needs vitamins and minerals to function, but the question is in what form we should take them.

Previously, when our customers asked us what vitamins they should take, we could never recommend anything, but they had to come to us and try out what was best for them. This is because all people are different, where not only needs, but also the ability to take up substances differs enormously.

We saw that people with nutritional deficiencies, such as magnesium deficiency, could benefit more from not taking a supplement.  All deficiencies/malnutritions stem from some problem, and if you only add what is missing, you may create an even greater imbalance. The key to feeling better and being healthier rather lies in finding and solving the root of the problem.

If you have nutritional deficiencies you may feel tired or stressed needlessly and, above all, you may be more susceptible to pathogens, disease and injury. The biggest reason for nutritional deficiencies is that we eat a poor diet that cannot compensate for the challenges we encounter. The greater the challenges we subject the body to, the better nutrition we need and the nutrition need come from natural sources. Artificially manufactured products may contain the right vitamins, but the body may not be able to absorb them. Real food is better - but then not just any food ... read more in our Free Health Guide!

Exposure to microbes in the form of viruses, bacteria, chemicals, fungi, parasites as well as other things that create imbalance and drain the resources of your body may aggravate nutritional deficiencies.

In today's society, our bodies are exposed to too much and increased stress, including exposure to a lot of electricity, exhausts, chemicals and radio waves. For the body to successfully cope with these stresses it is necessary to combine a healthy diet with nutritional supplements. We recommend FRIWAYs lifesupplements®. They contain the purest and the best food the body can absorb and use to strengthen your immune system.



Do you know what it feels like to feel really good? Do you know what you need to do in order to feel good, be healthy, strong, happy, rich and experiencing life at its peak? Do you always know what you need to do to in order to get the best results with minimum effort? Do you know how to motivate yourself to feel good or better? Do you always know what you want to experience and feel?

You are unique and no one else has the same prerequisites as you. This means that you have qualities, possibilities and information that maybe nobody else has. To take advantage of this and to develop your strengths you need to take care of yourself.

Although everyone is different, there are similarities in what we all need to feel good. Put simply, there are things that work and things that do not work, if you want to stay healthy, strong and happy. Love, security, excitement and joy make us all feel good. Try to find positive and empowering ways to achieve these things, then you will be able to avoid seeking excitement in unhealthy environments, or eating or drinking things that are harmful to you.

One of the most important things to keep in mind and live by, is to try to give yourself as much laughter, love, joy and positive experiences as possible every day. The more good things you are treating yourself with, the better you will feel.

Perhaps you have yet to find all things that make you feel good!


We hope that you live and feel as you wish, and that you appreciate life in all its happiness, love, harmony and challenges. Here you can download and print reminders of ways of thinking that will help you to appreciate life, yourself and your surroundings.